The Philosopher’s POV: What Does it Mean? What are Films About?

August 19, 2010 2 Comments

“But what does it MEAN”? Each month, Dr. Bruce Russell will raise the difficult philosophical questions that inspire good filmmaking: what kind of life should we live? What is the nature of evil? Does the film make sense? Does anything make sense? Ongoing discussion throughout the month will provide an opportunity to enrich our understanding of the film.

Dr. Russell is a professor of philosophy from Wayne State University.  He has published extensively in the philosophical areas of epistemology and morality(the problem of evil).  He has recently extended his interests into the film world and has written about the nature of film–does it “do” anything or merely represent?  His columns for the Reel Deal have facilitated a wide range of discussion and will continue to do so in future seasons.

The Philosopher's POV
2 Comments to “The Philosopher’s POV: What Does it Mean? What are Films About?”
  1. Joe says:

    If the question, “What is it doing?” was directed towards film as a present tense as a permeation of its presence, instead of a past-present, would its status as merely a representation be interpreted in the same way, say, if art was placed in the equation? Or would he hold these two on same level plateaus?

  2. Bruce Russell says:

    Hmmm. I don’t really understand your question, but the summary of what I do isn’t accurate in any case. I write in epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of religion (the problem of evil). I also write about the nature and philosophical limits of film, that is, on whether fiction film can, in some sense, do philosophy and if it can, in what sense it can.

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