Cave of Forgotten Dreams

May 10, 2011 No Comments

Werner Herzog cordially requests that you don your 3D glasses and join him on transcendent journey 32,000 years away.  This completely unique film offers a filmic access to the Clauvet Cave in Southern France discovered only a decade ago to contain the earliest cave paintings known.  Herzog’s unique style(Grizzly Man, Fitzcaraldo,Little Dieter Needs to Fly) is perfectly suited to the film’s mission.  There is a reverential tone that never preaches as Herzog’s lens captures the powerful images drawn on the walls so long ago.  These astounding paintings seem to express the motion and sound of the wild animals depicted.  Herzog’s understanding of the meaning of these images (he calls their movement “almost proto-filmic”) and his narrating style(uniquely Herzog!) create a one of a kind experience.  Questions are raised:  Who painted these figures?  Why were they painted here?  What will we leave behind to be interpreted 30.000 years from now?  Spoiler alert:  Herzog moment:  watch for the interweaving of the albino alligator!

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