The Artist

December 28, 2011 1 Comment

Looking for “that one movie” to embrace in this busy holiday season?   The Artist.  This delightful film is filmed in black and white and is a “silent” film about the closing days of the Silent Film Era.  Director Michael Hazanavicius has created a crowd pleaser that has already charmed audiences at all the major film festivals this year.  The story is simple:  George Valentin(played with panache and a dazzling smile by French actor Jean Dujardin) is a silent film mega star who refuses to embrace the new talkie era.  His accidental meeting with Peppy Miller(Berenice Bejo), an up and coming ingenue, helps launch her career.  His career crashes while her’s flashes.  Will things work out for them and with them?  Is George doomed?  Can love transcend?  Will the dog(oh, yes, there’s a faithful companion Jack Russell terrier) save the day?  This is a film about film.  This is a love letter to the silent era and the scrappy ability of filmmakers(and the audience) to adjust and adapt.  There are affectionate references to Singing in the Rain and Sunset Boulevard and all the silent film stars(Valentin is a cross between Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks).  Never seen a silent film before?  The Artist may stir interest in classic  silent films which have often been shunned by modern audiences reluctant to enter the silent film world.  Hopefully new films like The Artist and Scorcese’s Hugo (and even Guy Maddin’s Brand on the Brain) will change that.   Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Jolyn Wagner

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