Ides of March

October 9, 2011 1 Comment

Politics is a dirty business.  Duh… As if anyone questions that premise, director (and star) George Clooney offers us another film about the brutul political world that we citizens  must depend upon for our survival….yikes….although the film offers nothing new in the exposure or understanding of such dirty dynamics it does serve as a timely reminder of the perils created within the “system”…The movie is well acted.  Ryan Gosling and George Clooney capture the look and feel of the  perfect candidate (Clooney) and those devoted to their election(Gosling). It’s the supportive cast that steals the show and offers a sense of realism and credibility to an otherwise simplistic script.  Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti are worth the price of admission for their ability to inhabit their characters.  Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei provide solid performances as the doomed intern and savvy reporter..

..this is a film whose parts are actually greater than its whole.  The bonus for a Michigan audience is the filming of this Ohio story in our own fair state….The Dearborn Inn, Christ Church Cranbrook, Capital Park, Clawson and the University of Michigan are very recognizable throughout the film, tipping the scales for “Must See” status and reminding us that our new governor did us a great disservice when he cut the financial incentives that had begun to bring filmmaking business into our state (didn’t this film remind us that politics is a dirty business?  How ironic)….so check out the Ides of March and write a letter to Governor Synder to reconsider the value of filmmaking in Michigan!  See you at the Movies….Jolyn Wagner

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One Comment to “Ides of March”
  1. Dave Lundin says:

    I liked the way this film handled the theme of loyalty to a father figure, Clooney by his media manager, Gosling. As Freud said, more or less, in a play we saw last night, first you idealize your father, then when you discover his imperfections and weaknesses, you destroy him. This is why loyalty is portrayed in the film as the number one virtue in politics, it is so rare in the halls of power where temptation abounds.

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