Into the Abyss

November 19, 2011 1 Comment

No one make movies like Werner Herzog.   Into the Abyss, Herzog’s latest filmic journey, continues with his quest  to take us  places we  have not even asked to go–Fitzcaraldo, Grizzly Man and the most recent 3D  Cave of Forgotten Dreams have only partially prepared us for the emotional jolt experienced in this latest trip to Death Row.  How Herzog gained permission to film the events he did remains a mystery (but of course this is Werner Herzog).  The film is a documentary which intermingles candid interview footage with Herzog imagry that combines for an emotional punch that aims straight for the gut.  The story of two teenage murderers is chilling.  Herzog interviews one of the killers eight days prior to his scheduled execution.  The effect feels riveting, sad and creepy.  Capital punishment is surreal and Herzog is right at home with the implications.  Although he flatly discloses his opposition to the death penalty at the beginning of the film, it is never polemical.  There is something about that recognizable Herzog voice leading us through the  film’s events that somehow gives us the strength to continue with him.  Herzog is a master and this film is a masterpiece.  ….Jolyn Wagner

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One Comment to “Into the Abyss”
  1. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    This movie hangs with you(pun not really intended) long after leaving the theatre. Beginning the film with the minister sets a tone long before we are quite sure what has actually happened….it works….Herzog does a bit of “therapy” during several of his interviews…wonder what others think of his purpose for doing this and his technique?

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