Midnight in Paris

June 11, 2011 No Comments

by Jolyn Wagner

Woody Allen’s unapologetic homage to Paris captures the love of a city that may or may not actually exist.  His protagonist Gil(Owen Wilson) finds an escape from the banality of his present situation, carried away in a 1920’s Peugeot where he encounters every famous writer and artist from that era…Fitzgerald, Stein, Hemmingway, Dali, Bunuel, Porter, Tolkein,Baker and Picasso embrace him and offer wisdom and support.  Despite his self doubt and ever-present fear of death,(old Woody Allen concerns) Gil also manages to coach a semi-dense Bunuel on the idea for “Exterminating Angel” (“Think about it when you are shaving…a droll reference to the famous scene in Buneul’s Chien Andalou). There are many such moments in this sweetly delightful film, including a tour guide played by Carla Bruni(the wife of prime minister Sarkozy!).   This is not a particularly subtle film….Republicans and mainstream cinema  get no mercy and Woody Allen’s message that we all romanticize and long for a time past to assuage our  present discontent could be judged quite preachy.  This is not his most original film; in fact it has flashes of past films such as Annie Hall and Purple Rose of Cairo.  This is not his most complex film; it lacks the complexity of Crimes and Misdeemeanors.  His view of Paris, with soft-lighting and uber postcard moments could be construed as predictable…..  Mais, Paris in the rain…..Paris at midnight in the rain………C’est magnifique……toujours…..merci Monsieur Allen!

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