The Muppet Movie

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Some childhood favorites are best remembered rather than relived, safely tucked away in a lovely, forgiving nostalgic blanket.  I initially had no intention of seeing the Muppet’s Movie, convinced that there was no need/ability  to revisit the old Muppet Magic and suspicious that any efforts to revive them would fall flat.  Wrong.  Wrong. Wrong….

The Muppet’s Movie is sweetly entertaining, smart and funny.  Writer(and star) Jason Segal has managed to recreate the Muppet experience which would have pleased creator Jim Henson, adding present day relevence….the plot(and I will try very hard to avoid spoilers) cleverly takes on the nostalgia issue by placing our Muppet heroes at the verge of extinction.  They are forgotten, irrelevent and no longer celebrities (with the exception of Miss Piggy, of course)… evil oil baron, Rich Oilman(played delightfully by Chris Cooper–maniacal laugh) is poised to take over the decaying MuppetLand and all rights to  Muppetdom unless Kermit the Frog and his entourage can raise 1o million dollars in a final show.  Gary(Jason Segal) and Mary(Amy Adams) are the humans who will aid our heroes, along with Walter, a muppet brother of Gary who struggles to find himself…confused?????  Don’t worry.

The story is engaging and the Muppets are in fine form.  Guest stars abound(of course) and the mixture of old music favorites(you know what they are) and new songs written by Flight of the Conchord’s own Brett MacKenzie(yeah!) add just the right amount of updated sound.  Inside jokes and smart humor provide a genuine adult feel without diminishing the sweetness of the story.  I suppose if you had never seen a muppet  before, you might enjoy this movie.  But if you have big soft spots of appreciation for Kermit, Fozzie, Piggy, Gonzo etal…then sit back and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jolyn Wagner

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