Myth of the American Sleepover

August 7, 2011 No Comments

Who wishes they could be an early adolescent again?  Local filmmaker David Robert Mitchell has created a film that invites us to re-visit and re-experience those times without resorting to cliche or idealization. Those of us fortunate enough to screen the film at the Royal Oak Main Theatre this past weekend were treated to a Q and A by Mitchell himself, his producer and several of the film’s actors.  Mitchell is a local boy (Wayne State grad) who actually filmed his movie in various locations around the Metro area.  It was great to see him return and graciously share his thoughts and comments with the appreciative audience.( yet another reason for a “Must See” stamp!).  Mitchell used many first-time actors to portray his young protagonists,  but he was also  not afraid to borrow/emulate/homage those coming- of -age films that came before, particularly “American Grafffi”, ” George Washington” and “Dazed and Confused”  to create  his own fresh view..The hopes and desires of his young characters are palpable because  Mitchell, who also wrote the screenplay, understands the power and complexity of “simple” moments…he is also comfortable with symbolic devises…in this film, there is water EVERYWHERE…pools, lakes, bathtubes, rain….EVERYWHERE….Freud spoke of water as “birth”…these young characters are constantly testing the waters during the long night of Mitchell’s mythical sleepover….

This film is screening at the Royal Oak Main and also available On Demand….Support our own local filmmakers, explore the nuances of adolescence….this is indeed a “Must See”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    by Jolyn Wagner

Must See Movie of the Week

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