Take Shelter

October 30, 2011 No Comments

Is insanity the only sane response to an insane world?  The world is certainly insane..so when Curtis (Michael Shannon) starts to intuit that very, very bad things are about to happen, he begins to make efforts to protect his family.  The world takes on a menacing flavor in Jeff Nichol’s provocative new film “Take Shelter”n which has been praised widely as a sensitively metaphoric  exploration of the disintegration of individual and societal sanity…Curtis is our “everyman” and we are asked to follow him (literally)  as he builds delusions to shelte3r himself and his family from the brewing storm.  Director Jeff Nichols manages to avoid many of the cliched pitfalls of previous director’s attempts to exploit madness (think Darren Aranofsky’s over the top study in psuedo-insanity in last year’s Black Swan) and yet there are problems with his protrayal of  the struggle that accompanies insanity.  The world is indeed crazy and sane people are the major contributors of its crazyness…nonetheless, insanity does not offer a better view or insight or solution…so what are we to do?????  There are several ways to read the final scene of the film and each reading  profoundly alters the experience of the film…..we shrinks are a tough audience for films like this…..perhaps we are too defensive(and taking our own shelter) or perhaps our experience makes it difficult to join in any romanticized version of psychic demolition…guess that one MUST SEE this film to decide……but don’t give away your dog in the meantime (spoiler alert)…..Jolyn Wagner

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