The Names of Love

August 28, 2011 2 Comments

What’s in a name?  Does it matter if you are “Smith” “Fahaad”  or “Rosenblatt”?   Can a movie ask such a question while spinning through themes of sexuality, racism and assimilation, genocide with a tone that is often comedic?  “The Names of Love” is director Michel LeClerc’s successful attempt to navigate through his subject is edgy, touching and, yes, funny.  Baya Benamamood is the daughter of an Algerian immigrant and a radical leftist who is waging a one woman battle against fascism by sleeping with virulent fascists and “converting” them to reason.  Arthur Martin is an uptight scientist who’s driven to protect humans from microbial invasions…oh..and HIS mother was a “hidden” child whose grandparents died in in the Holocaust…….Baya and Arthur meet, spar, love . part and ……….how French….there is a vitality to this film as it attempts to negociate the forbidden….the attempts may seem clumsy at times, but the effort to enter such zones is admirable and heartfelt….the performances are moving and the end of the film is satisfying and hopeful…the French title is actually more accurately translated as “People’s Names”..or “What’s in a Name”….by any name, this is a “must see”  movie……Jolyn Wagner

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2 Comments to “The Names of Love”
  1. Dave Lundin says:

    How can seeming opposites co-exist and even thrive together? The holocost and humor? Childhold molestation and adult sex with fascists to convert them? Muslims and the French? Female promiscuity and male conversatisism? A dying jewish secretive mother and a young Muslim free spirit? Blacks and whites? Liberals and conservatives? So may opposites co-exist in this film that it gives hope that in the future everyone will be a composite of opposites and co-exist and thrive together due to that realization.

  2. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    sweetly edgy and not preachy…how French….

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