Certified Copy

May 1, 2011 No Comments

by Jolyn Wagner

When is a certified copy better than the original?  How does anyone distinguish one from the other in art?  In relationships? Abbas Kiarostami’s remarkable film centers around such questions.  Basically a man and a woman who may or may not know (or be married to) each other spend the length of the film talking and traveling with each other.  Who are they?  What do they want from each other?  Do we care?  Juliette Binoche and James Shimell are the couple (?) who invite us to share the confusion, angst and ambiguity as they dialogue through Tuscany.  Understated and nuanced or intentionally obtuse and irritating?   The answer may depend upon the viewer’s ability to tolerate the growing tension between the two.  Kiarostami is a well known Iranian director recognized for understatement and film techniques that utilize long takes, close ups and unexpected angles to create a tone of intimacy and uneasiness.  Many reviewers have concluded that this film is best viewed prior to reading any reviews (to avoid overemphasizing and “spoiling” the thought provoking ending).  Either way, the journey is remarkable.  (Hint:  how many times does the clock chime?)  Although this film passed very quickly through the Royal Oak Main Theatre it is still available on Comcast On Demand.  (If you don’t have Comcast, find a friend (or a certified copy of one) who does!

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