The Reel Deal Film Series Presents: Catfish

December 18, 2011 3 Comments

The Truth is what the person with the camera says it is?  The Reel Deal presents Catfish.

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3 Comments to “The Reel Deal Film Series Presents: Catfish”
  1. Joe Sobel says:

    My class and I from Cranbrook came and sat in and watched Black Swan. After I discussed with Dr. Wagner Catfish and and how interesting it would be to have Angela Wasselman, the lady from Catfish sit in with us. I met up with her this last past summer and she had some interesting and not so interesting things to say, in general and about how the film was produced.

  2. Robert MacDonell says:

    Joe…Glad you and your classmates from Cranbrook came to see Black Swan. I hope you will all consider attending again in the future. Diverse perspectives make it all that much more interesting.

  3. Hi Joe
    I think it would be terrific if Angela Wasselman could participate in the Reel Deal..I think Catfish is a very interesting film(moreso in many ways than Social Network, at least for discussion purposes)…I hope you and your classmates will consider adding your comments to the event as well….the whole idea of reality created via social network is daunting..scarey, really, don’t you think? Jolyn

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