The Toronto Film Festival

September 7, 2011 7 Comments

The Toronto Film Festival opens Thursday September 8 and continues until Sunday September 18.  TIFF has become one of the world’s premiere film festivals.  Gus Van Sant, Guy Madden, Werner Herzog, David Cronenberg, Aki Kaurismaki,Wim Wenders, Van Trier,Wiseman,Demme,Madonna(!) and many, many international and independent filmmakers will share their films with appreciative audiences.  This year, we will again join the Detroit Film Theatre and curator Elliot Wilhelm for the opportunity to screen a variety of films…please check out the official TIFF website for a full schedule and join us for a discussion of the wonderful films lighting up the screens in Toronto!  See you at the movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jolyn Wagner

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7 Comments to “The Toronto Film Festival”
  1. Robert MacDonell says:

    Jolyn & Dave,

    Hope you have a great time!
    If you can, please see and report on ‘A Dangerous Method’ and ‘Shame’.


    Best regards,

  2. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    We have landed in Toronto where the temperature is 72 and it is sunny..there is a buzz in the air as throngs of cinephiles prepare for what is to come….our first film tonight is Gus Van Sant’s film “Restless”…we are still trying to finagle tickets for Cronenberg’s “Dangerous Method”…a film about the Freud-Jung-Sabina Speilrein cool is that…we have 9 films to see, and so many more that are calling to us…will keep you posted….see you at the movies!!! Jolyn

  3. Ellen Left says:

    Perfect timing! For some reason I was finally able to get onto Reel Deal. Don’t know what I was doing wrong but I can now enjoy the TIFF vicariously. Looking forward to hearing about all of the wonderful films you have the opportunity to view. Hope you can get into “Dangerous Method”.

  4. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    Back from Toronto with 10 films to savor and a complete film experience to savor……..
    Best film that we saw? “Fable of the Fish” a little film from the Phillipines..beautifully shot and bravely developing the poignant story of a woman who gives birth to a fish…yup, I said a fish…metaphoric,political and psychologically moving….I have a feeling this one will make its way to the DFT so please put it on your list of “must seee”

    Werner Herzog’s documentary “The Abyss” was a riveting focus on two young killers(one whom Herzoz interviewed 8 days before his scheduled execution) exploration of the impact of capital punishment and the anguish of senseless killing…in a way only Herzog(Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Grizzly Man) can provide..

    the BIG ticket was David Cronenberg’s “Dangerous Method” the story of Freud, Jung and Sabina Spielrein…we didn’t see this one but the buzz was big and it WILL make it to the screens of Detroit, so heads up..

    I really got a kick out of Guy Madden’s “Keyhole” a very loopy adaptation of the Odyssey, shot in black and white film noirish Winnipeg…not for everyone but very cool

    ‘Death of a Superhero”, “The Last Gladiator”, “Think of Me”, “Always Brando”, “Trishna”(the only one I really didn’t like…and directed by Michael Winterbottom!), “Restless”, “Urbanized”….all very very cool films…the air in Toronto buzzes with excitement…and did I mention that most films have the director show up for Q and A????????…It was very moving to be there!!!!! Hope you will all consider coming along with the DFT next year!!!!! Jolyn

  5. Doug Merenda says:

    I was a fellow TIFF attendee with the DFT group & agree that Restless, Urbanized, and Think of Me were all excellent. Also enjoyed Comic-Con as a guilty pleasure, fun for the adolescent in me who used to read & collect comic books.
    I also didn’t enjoy Trishna and absolutely hated Wetlands. I was disappointed in Beloved and especially Wuthering Heights.
    We all had a great time though & I met a few new friends there.

  6. Margo Siegel says:

    Jolyn and Dave; so fabulous that you were able to attend such an outstanding event. I look forward to hearing more about the films you viewed. Take care, Margo

  7. Brian Murphy says:

    Movies give us a vicarious reality. Jolyn and Dave give us a vicarious movie expeirence: vicarious @ 2. Let’s hear it for vicarious!

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