View From the Couch: My Top Ten Films of 2011

December 28, 2011 4 Comments

What were the “best” movies of 2011?  As the final days of the year dwindle down, it seems reasonable to reflect and even make lists.  You may not agree(if not, feel free to post your own list!), but these are the films that I feel were the best:

!. Melancholia   2.  Hugo   3.  Shame   4.  Certified Copy   5.  Blue Valentine   6.  Mysteries of Lisbon    7.  Moneyball    8.  Cave of Forgotten Dreams   9.  Midnight in Paris   10.  Bridesmaids………………….Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!  .Jolyn Wagner

View from the Couch
4 Comments to “View From the Couch: My Top Ten Films of 2011”
  1. Dave Lundin says:

    Here’s my top ten for your consideration and debate, not necessarily in order: 1)Margin Call; 2) Blue Valentine; 3) Melancholia; 4) Midnight in Paris;5) Shame; 6) The Abyss; 7)Girl with the Dragon Tatoo; 8) War Horse; 9) The Skin I Live in; 10) Take Shelter. Sometimes in these films my enjoyment level overtook my true evaluation as to whether this was truly a great film, I must admit, but there it is! What are yours?

  2. jolyn wagner says:

    I completely forgot about “Of Gods and Men” a truly wonderful film…don’t know if I have the heart(or funny bone) to knock off ‘Bridesmaids”, but this French film was quietly spectacular..guess that’s the problem with top 10 lists….jolyn

  3. Robert MacDonell says:

    My top ten:
    1. Blue Valentine
    2. Never Let Me Go (might be from 2010)
    3. Shame
    4. Moneyball
    5. Myth of the American Sleepover
    6. Melancholia
    7. The Man Nobody Knew
    8. Contagion
    9. Harry Potter:Deathly Hallows-Part 2
    10. The Help

  4. jolyn wagner says:

    Interesting lists Dave, Bruce and Bob…I like the consensus, the films I forgot to mention and even those I would never put on my list.ever….thought I would add the lists from this Sunday’s New York Times film gurus(at least their top 5 films) just to stir up the discussion:
    from A.O. Scott: Bridesmaids, The Descendants, The Tree of Life, War Horse and Warrior

    from Manohla Dargis: A Dangerous Method, Hugo, Melancholia, Mysteries of Lisbon and Poetry

    from Stephen Holden: a Dangerous Method, The Descendants, Margin Call, The Tree of Life and Young Adult

    Well, what’s on your list????? Jolyn Wagner

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