A Wedding

May 28, 2012 No Comments

Everybody LOVES a wedding?  Right?   Since this weekend permitted me the opportunity to participate in a genuinely splendid wedding (my son and his wonderful bride– but who’s bragging) it also seriously dug into my movie viewing time (not too many experiences do that!).   I thought it was only fair to recommend my favorite wedding film….Robert Altman’s 1978 gem “A Wedding” as the “Must See Movie of the Week.”

If you are already familiar with Altman’s style, you know he takes on large casts with interwoven stories  and films them with a characteristic moving camera style—as if we have just “dropped in” to an event and now must wind our way through.  “A Wedding” is an ensemble film (48 different characters) which takes place on the day of a genteel Southern wedding, which is, of course not what it seems to be.  There is comedy, satire, pathos and a ample helping of Altman’s humanity to guide us through the event.  The varied cast includes Lilian Gish, Carol Burnett, Geraldine Chaplin, Desi Arnez Jr. (the groom), Amy Stryker (the bride) and a fascinating Mia Farrow.  There is a documentary crew present to capture the event, a mildly demented minister, a shady father of the groom and a very recently deceased matriarch who nonetheless manages to maintain a lively presence.  Secrets unfold and abound.   No one is who  they appear to be.  Happily ever after may be more difficult to achieve than anticipated…but that’s a spoiler I will not include.

Fortunately, not all weddings swirl in such a vortex….but check this film out….maybe you’ll catch the bouquet!!!!!    Jolyn Wagner

Must See Movie of the Week

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