The Deep Blue Sea

April 8, 2012 No Comments

“Beware of passion, Hester.  It always leads to something ugly.”  Terrance Davies’s new film “The Deep Blue Sea” nudges us through the emotional rubble of a young woman (played by Rachel Weisz) who can no longer endure the pain of  a life without passion.  She has already left her stable judicial husband for a dashing pilot, only to find that he is too damaged by the war to truly connect.  She attempts suicide and then must deal with the aftermath.  Davies uses visual and musical color to convey the tone of his film.  Scenes are shot in browns and always seem dark (except for the occasional well-lit pub that provides ex-soldiers temporary respite).  The music is measured and filled with sadness.  The ruins of the recent war are everywhere (the story takes place in 1950 London).  The emotional ruins of failed relationships and dreams are equally difficult to clear away.  Some have found the film too slow (Davies certainly does NOT rush the pace, instead relying on us to tolerate the timing) and boring.  There are no villains in this film (except perhaps the insufferable mother-in-law who provided the quote at the beginning of this piece and advises Hester to settle for “guarded enthusiasm”), so we find ourselves trying on the angst of the three main characters without judgment.  The film’s ending can be read as subtle optimism or wistful pessimism…it depends….either way, this beautiful and poignant film is a “Must See”….Jolyn Wagner

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