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How can a movie opening in 2012 be a “prequel” to one made in 1979?  If this seems like an appealing question, then Ridley Scott’s summer blockbuster “Prometheus” is the movie for you…..Heralded as the prequel to “Alien,” this much awaited film delivers on many levels.  Shot in 3D by an action director (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator etc) this film does not fail to deliver a sci fi world full of visually stunning menace and (of course) gore.  Noomi Rapace (the original Girl with the Dragon Tatoo) is well cast as the spunky scientist longing to unlock the secrets behind human existence….she channels Alien’s Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) without parody and brings us along on her perilous ride.  Michael Fassbender is super as David, an androidy character who knows too much and seems to be orchestrating the direction the film seems destined to follow.  And there are Aliens Aliens Aliens….only, what makes an alien becomes a bit murky as characters debate purpose and meaning and sometimes change sides…this theme of  inexplicable changes in allegiance remains a pivotal theme throughout the film, with results that reverberate at a personal AND cosmic scale…Scott is a seasoned story teller and although his tale gets a bit murky at times, there is a consistency in the telling that is satisfying….there is plenty of gore, but it exists for a purpose and is cleverly constructed to deliver….(this pun intended…childbirth will never be the same)…

Might this film have been deeper and more thoughtful?  Perhaps…Does it dip into cliche, reverberating scenes from 2001 and Armageddon?  Yeah…..but does Scott know how to use 3D and female characters VERY well?  Amen (another pun intended)…The world he creates is nightmarishly stunning….there are very nice connections maintained between themes that begin and end the film (yes, he does leave the door a little too wide open for the possibility of a sequel…to a prequel?)…..Who creates life?  What is the responsibility of the creators?  What makes a good guy?  What should you do if you enter a cave full of alien antiques?  If Ridley Scott has his way, you should wait for the sequel and leave your helmet on……Great summer fun and a really entertaining movie…out of this world!    Jolyn Wagner

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  1. Brian Murphy says:

    Great, and pithy, review of a movie I remain content at my computer reading about.

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