The Reel Deal Goes to the Toronto Film Festival – Day 2 and 3

September 8, 2012 No Comments

This day 2-3 conglomerate is a direct result of the non-stop film watching available here in Toronto. (sorry, well, kind of sorry)

The atmosphere remains electric (despite the rain on Saturday) with star- and director-studded film events scattered all over the city!

I have been lucky enough to screen films from Egypt (“After the Battle”), France (“Rust and Bone”), Italy (“Stromboli” and the absorbing doc “War of the Volcanoes”), India (“Shanghai”), Japan (“Land of Hope”), America (“The We and the I” and “First Comes Love”) and the UK (“Everyday”) annnndddddd, my favorite so far, Slavoj Zizek’s very cool philosophical-psychoanalytic film rant in “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology.”  He weaves his treatise through film clips spanning “They Live” (John Carpenter’s schlocky expose with wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper–put your glasses on!) to “Jaws,” “The Searchers” and “Titanic” (perhaps his most psychoanalytic treat).  This film may never receive screen time, so keep your eyes open for a DVD release!

There is nothing like spending time with a director willing to share ideas about her/his movie.  Toronto has a tone of genial respect which extends to moviemakers (you are unlikely to hear boos), audiences (they patiently direct us through ticket lines and rush lines) and volunteers (who receive a much deserved round of applause at every film).  Major stars are here and it all just feels nice.

Please check out the TIFF website for news of this year’s festival and advice for scheduling an on site visit next year.

One more movie only, but what an experience!!!!!  Movies, ah, Movies!  Jolyn Wagner

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