This Week at the DFT: A Separation and Trouble in Paradise

February 23, 2012 1 Comment

This Oscar nominated Iranian film has landed on many best film lists for 2011 and is offered by the DFT this weekend (Friday and Saturday the 24th and 25th at 7 and 9:30pm amd Sunday the 26th at 2pm and 5pm..also next weekend Saturday March 3 at 4 and 7 in the DIA lecture room and Sunday March 4 at additional screening in the Theatre on Sunday the 4th at 7:30). This is MUST SEE CINEMA at it’s finest…Thank you DFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (

Bonus:  Ernst Lubitsch’s “Trouble in Paradise” is this week’s DFT 101 feature on Saturday, February 25th at 4pm.

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One Comment to “This Week at the DFT: A Separation and Trouble in Paradise”
  1. Evy Shareff says:

    The story of “A Separation” is based on a law in the Torah, which amazingly has been kept in the Queran.. Given that the Queran keeps women in a state of complete subservience, it make a big statement for the right of women to choose… If the person who kills a fetus is aware of the pregnancy, it’s murder. If he is not aware,the mother and she alone is entitled to “blood money: compensating her for her loss. thhe arabic credits came up without a pause as though the film had been cut. When an honoring celebration was scheduled for the success of the film, the powers that be in Iran cancelled the fete. Many endings can be imagined, and perhaps an ending which glorified the women involved would be too much for a represssive regime to allow.. Evy Shareff

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