World Premiere; The Juillliard String Quartet: Keeping Beethoven Contemporary

August 19, 2012 No Comments

The Association for Psychoanalytic Thought and the Reel Deal Film Series is proud to invite you to share in an extraordinary evening of music and FILM:  the world priemiere of renowned filmaker Michael Blackwood’s documentary:  the Juilliard String Quartet:  Keeping Beethoven Contemporary” will be screened as a pre-concert film at 6:30pm on September 8 at et Seligman Performing Arts Center, Beverly Hills

The Juillard String Quarten is a world renowned quartet founded in 1946 to “play new works as  if they were established masterpieces and established masterpieces as if they were new.”  The Quartet will perform at 8 pm.

Drs. Julie Jaffee Nagel (psychoanalyst,Juilliard graduate and author of the soon to be released “Melodies of the Mind”) and Louis Nagel(professor of piano at the University of Michigan and Juilliard graduate) will invite the audience to join in their online discussion HERE  of the concert and the film.

This is an exciting opportunity to share knowledge and interest in music and film

The Chamber Music Society is offering all APT and MPS members a ticket discount with the promotional code: reeldeal when ordering tickets online ( or by phone (248-855-6070)

Join us in this spectacular event and the wonderful discussion here at the Reel Deal!!!!!


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