The Detroit Film Theater Presents: The Act of Killing

August 11, 2013 2 Comments

hero_ActofKilling-2013-2Friday, August 16 at 9:30pm

Saturday, August 17 at 9:30pm

Sunday, August 18 at 4;30 pm

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this profoundly moving film.

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2 Comments to “The Detroit Film Theater Presents: The Act of Killing”
  1. MIchael Rosko says:

    It has been less than 24 hours since I have viewed this film.It was not nearly as difficult to watch as I had expected. No outrage. Slept well last night. Probably because there was no juxtaposition of the carnage, horror, or devastation of the family members that survived. One of these guys, Herman Koto, was and is simply an unchecked bully and thug. His kind isn’t new, unique to Indonesia, or remotely likeable. The others, even Anwar, seem reminiscent of the Henry Hill character in Goodfellas. More likely than not to choose a dark path, just not one as black as mass murder. Got caught up with the times and the opportunity to make names for themselves. Perhaps a need to compete with or fear of people like Herman Koto influenced him and others to participate.

    Makes one cynical to think that none of them are likely to ever be arrested or punished. The film captures these guys reliving their “glory days” as mass murderers, without a shred of regret. A couple of them have mellowed with age, and deal with the past by justifying it. You wonder how hard that must be, when they are not reunited for the filming. With aging and fatherhood there is a surprising gentleness emerges in Anwar and one of the others, so the justifications have to hold up against the inevitable perspective one feels with advancing age. Good luck with that, you murderous &$%#@*!!!

    Makes me shudder to realize that our government may have had an ongoing relationship with Indonesia’s government during the 1960’s, giving tacit approval (or worse) for the Communist purges that were carried out. If so, I’ll bet some of those guys are still around.

  2. Bruce Russell says:

    You’d hope they would feel not only regret but remorse, which involves feeling badly because you believe you have done something wrong! Regret does not require that moral belief.

    I’d think psychiatrists would be interested in the question of what causes people to become like this, to become sociopaths. Or were they? Even if they weren’t, the causal question remains.

    Philosophers wonder how there could be an all-knowing, all-powerful, wholly good God who would allow such atrocities. Good parents would not allow their teenage children to harm their younger siblings because the parents did not want to interfere with the exercise of their free wills. Why would a good God allow such terrible atrocities visited upon the heads of innocent people?

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