The 2013 Michigan Psychoanalytic Society Symposium: Healing the Past in the Present: Giving Voice to Pain through Film

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Join us on April 13, 2013 at the renowned Detroit Film Theatre for an all day event featuring guest speakers Glen Gabbard, Elliot Wilhelm and Marc Rosen AND the screening of Terence Davies’ masterpiece “Distant Voices, Still Lives.”

Psychoanalysis and the cinema grew up together.  When Freud was studying hysteria in Fin de Siecle Vienna, the Lumiere brothes were inventing motion pictures in France.  The interrelationship of these two disciplines has been of considerable interest for over 100 years and each group has, at times, looked to the other for understanding and inspiration.  This symposium will provide an overview of psychoanalytic methodolgical approaches to the understanding of film, using contemporary and historical films to illustrated diverse approaches.  it will offer a film historian/critic’s approach to film spectatorship to enrich the ability to analyze the content oand form of a film.  The program will offer a clinical exploration of the themes of the film a panel presentation and audience Q and A.

For more information about registration, please call the Michigan Psychoanalytic Center at 248-851-3380 or Jolyn Wagner at 248-840-2662.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


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