Museum Hours

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28museum2-span-articleLarge-v2As psychotherapists, we are not surprised that moments deemed “mundane ” are often filled with surprising relevance.

Jem Cohen’s miraculous film “Museum Hours” quietly reminds us that such moments can be masterpieces.

It is hard to verbally describe a film that communicates its essence  so visually.  The story is “simple”:  Johann is a  60 -ish security guard at the renowned Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna, who meets a  woman from Montreal who has arrived to tend to a comatose cousin.  A quietly supportive relationship develops which permits us the privilege of experiencing mBoments within and beyond the museum as they travel together and share experiences.

This is a quiet film that packs a punch in subtle presentation of the enormous feeling in ‘everyday’ moments, whether those captured in the riveting painting of Bruegel(certainly a major character in this amazing film) or in the day to day experiences of Johann and Anne.  A bird, a leaf, a pool ball captures feeling and touch that is (again) impossible to verbally describe.

Cohen has chosen to film the interior museum shots in HD digital and the exterior in filmic super 16mm.  The difference is compelling.

The Detroit Film Theater has once again presented us with a gift.  This is a film that may not screen outside the New York /Los Angeles arena and yet here we have it.  There are screenings here available this weekend and next.

There’s a reason I am writing this at midnight after my screening of it.  Don’t miss this brilliant film.  The remaining screenings at the DFT are:

Saturday August 3 ,7pm

Sunday, August 4, 2pm

Friday, August 9 9:30pm

Saturday, August 10 9:30pm

Sunday August 11 4:30pm

Enjoy!   Jolyn Wagner

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