Reel Deal Goes to the Movies: Before Midnight (Sunday June 23 at the Royal Oak Main)

June 20, 2013 4 Comments

When:  Sunday June 23rd at 1:15pm

Where:  The Royal Oak Main Theatre

What:  Richard Linklater’s third installment of the mesmerizing “Before Midnight”:  discussion in the theatre following the film

Before Sunrise (1995) was Richard Linklater’s wonderful film about the dawning of love.  Celine and Jessie (in their twenties) meet, walk and talk their way through Vienna, vowing to meet again in six months.  Nine years later, they meet again in Before Sunset (2004).  Now in their thirties, they walk and talk their way through Paris and try to decide about the meaning of their relationship.

Now, in Before Midnight, they are together and walk and talk their way through their relationship as they vacation in Greece.  In the beginning of their forties (are we aging too?) they explore the meaning of their love.

Please join us for an opportunity to discuss a triology that has been tagged “The Lord of the Rings of Art House Films”!

It is wonderful that the Main gives us the time and space to process films like this together.

Join us!



Reel Deal Goes to the Movies
4 Comments to “Reel Deal Goes to the Movies: Before Midnight (Sunday June 23 at the Royal Oak Main)”
  1. Bruce Russell says:

    In “Before Midnight” there are three central conversations: in the car, at a meal, and in a hotel. How, if at all, do these three conversations mirror the conversations in the three different films that comprise the trilogy? Do the films, and the three conversations in this film, represent, or discuss, three distinct stages in romantic love relationships? Does the film “Amour” represent a fourth?

    Please answer these questions in not more than five pages, double-spaced in 12pt. type, so I can plagiarize and publish what you say! 🙂

  2. I wish I could reply to the questions you posed, but I have not yet seen this film. I also disliked the first 2 so much, I’m not sure I could make it through this third installment of the series! Do you think I’m making a mistake not seeing this one?

  3. Bruce Russell says:

    Yes,this is the best one by far. The “fight” between Jesse and Celine at the end of the film is the best since the one between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” (though not nearly as vicious)! I didn’t like Before Sunrise. I just saw Before Sunset and I did like it. But I like Before Midnight much more.

  4. Okay, you’ve made a good case. I’ll give it a go!

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