Reeldealmind at TIFF: Day 3

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The Good News:  The past two days in Toronto have been an incredible feast of film experience:  world premiere films, director and an electric-user friendly atmosphere that ramps up the magic of being here.

The Bad New:  We have been so immersed in our time here that the posts we promised to provide exist only in our heads.

So, on DAY 3 in Toronto, we are finally ready to share an update.  (Diane and I are also capturing sound pieces for the podcast sessions that will follow).

Here’s a brief  Q and A I will do with myself:

Q;  What has the highlight been so far?

A:(Jolyn)  Definitely the chance to screen Mark Cousins (the wonderful director of the 15 hour blockbuster The Story of Film) new film:  The Story of Children.  This is a thoughtful, emotionally riveting journey through the portrayal of children in film.  Wow!  The bonus was a Q and A with Mark Cousins whose passion for his subject is contagious (and all done in an Irish brogue, of course).  This was one of those movie magic moments.

Q;  Anything else we should take note of?

A(Jolyn):  Sylvain Chomet’s new film “Attila Marcel”  was a wonderfully visual, musically touiching story of memory and childhood trauma.  This was Chomet’s first non-animated film, but it still had many of the touches of his previous movies (Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist)

Q:  Anything you didn’t like?

A(Jolyn)  The World Premier of “Hateship Loveship”  with big names Nick Nolte, Guy Pearce and Kristin Wiig left me cold.  Well, it actually made me roll my eyes and say “geez…really???”   Still , there was Q and A.   There is an air of respect here in Toronto that makes it a very comfortable venue for spectators and directors.  No booing and only an occasional dingbat turning on his/her cellphone during a film

Q:  Anything you won’t see and really will miss?

A:  Jafar Panahi’s new film ” Closed Curtain”.   Elliot Wilhelm saw it yesterday and said it was amazing.  Panahi made last year’s “This is Not a Film” under house arrest and somehow managed to make this one.  I definitely want to see it.   Also thought about rushing “My Twelve Years as a Slave” but it’s unlikely there would be tickets.

Q:  How has traveling in a group been?

A:  The Detroit Film Theater has once again masterminded a wonderful experience.  Just the right amount of structure and the chance to share movie experiences with a group of people crazy about movies.  This is my fourth year with the group and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Q: Thanks for answering questions openly

A:  No problem, it’s as if I already knew what you were going to ask (ha).

Well, it’s time to re-submerge.  Look for a wrap up posting from the train tomorrow.

See you at the movies





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