Reeldealmind at TIFF: Festival Wrap

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How to summarize an other-worldly experience?

The Toronto Film Festival continues without me, leaving the images of movies premiering before cinephilic audiences as souvenirs.

Newcomers and veterans are embraced by a city brimming with respect, enthusiasm and friendly assistance.

Real world wake up:  the next time I go to a movie (soon, no doubt), I will look perplexed at the end of the film wondering:  That was very good, but WHERE’S THE DIRECTOR??????       Oh, Toto, you’re not in Toronto anymore.

My last day in Toronto was spent embracing two films:  Alain Renais’s masterpiece “Hiroshima Mon Amour” on the big screen at the phenomenal TIFF Lighthouse which highlighted the timeless imagery and painful re-membering of unspeakable trauma, made somehow accessible in film form.  Emmanuel Riva (who stunned audiences with her performance in Amour) illuminated the screen in 1959 the same way she does in 2012.  The second  was also a French film, “Amazonia”,  a 3D story of a Capuchin monkey lost in the Amazon, blurring the lines between humans and “non” humans, asking us to ponder the point of mass destruction.

There are long lines in Toronto, filled with spectators anxious to see their film.  Tension and impatience seem non existent, as those waiting use the opportunity to exchange experience:  what did you  see?  what did you like?  how many films will you see today?

Anyone living in the Detroit area should consider the opportunity offered by the Detroit Film Theater to attend the festival with the group.   Captained by DFT curator, Elliot Wilhelm, the trip is a film lover’s dream.  Six films, hotel and breakfasts and transportation are provided, with enough free time to add extra films (six is not nearly enough!)

It is impossible to capture the wide range of film experience available:  mainstream blockbuster, quirky indie, documentary, international and vanguard are available to mix and combine into a unique schedule.  Venues vary as much as the films, spanning mega multiplex, elegant theaters and cutting edge viewing rooms.  Food and wine are everywhere, available for a leisurely meal(if you somehow have the time) or a quick dine and dash.

Fortunately, as I contend with my festival withdrawal symptoms, my Detroit Film Theater Fall Schedule arrived in the mail.

See you at the movies!

Jolyn Wagner



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