Hot Docs 2014: Check Out the Best in Documentary Filmmaking

June 18, 2014 No Comments

Love documentary films?

Although the inventiveness and scope of documentary filmmakers continues to expand, the opportunity to experience most of these films on the big screen requires some careful scrutiny of listings and venues.

It’s worth it.

This year’s Hot Doc Film Festival concluded in Toronto in May.  Check out five of the most applauded films:

112 Weddings by Doug Black:  Intriguing film by a director turned wedding videographer who uses his footage to ask poignant questions about marriage and relationships.

Tough Love by Stephanie Wang Breat explores the world of child welfare told via the stories of parents struggling to regain custody of their children

Everyday Rebellion by Arash Riahi captures the global use of peaceful protest

Mission Blue by Robert Nixon is based on a TED TALK by oceanographer Sylvia Earle who is striving to save our oceans

Starfish Throwers by Jessie Roesler exposes the inequality of food distribution and follows three individuals who work to close the gap, one hungry person at a time.

There are trailers available for each of these films that demonstrate the non-preachy impact of good filmmaking to communicate information with emotion.

If your only experience of documentaries come from talking head discussions or Roger Moore rants, sample some of these wonderful films.  Who can forget last year’s “The Act of Killing”?

Jolyn Wagner

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