Sunday Night at the Oscars

March 2, 2014 No Comments

Frozen just won best animated film.
Who cares?
Those of us who love films may cringe at the commercialization of movies and the pandering to big business but try to keep us away from the red carpet.

We may complain about the ultimate choices when those films that we KNOW are far superior fail to win recognition, but try to keep us away from that theater in LA.

Oscar night is too long, too preachy at times and too boring so often, but those of us who love the movies are spellbound even when we are bored.

Paradoxical? Who cares.

Frozen just won best animated film and I am delighted. I’m hoping that Twelve Years a Slave will receive the best picture nod and best director (never a black director and it’s time). I loved Her and would give it an Oscar if I had an extra one.

I would love to write more, but I’ve got Oscars to watch.
Enjoy and see you at the movies

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