Nebraska – April 26, 2015

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The Association for Psychoanalytic Thought
An Affiliate of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society

Extensive analysis and discussion of film content and theory,

with a psychoanalytic perspective.


Date/Time: Sunday, April 26, 2015 1:00- 3:00 pm.

Place:   Bloomfield Township Public Library, Lone Pine and Telegraph

Psychoanalysts: Deanna Holtzman, PhD & Nancy Kulish, PhD
Director’s Chair: Loretta Polish, PhD

Moderator: Jolyn Wagner, MD

“When Woody enlists his son David to help him collect the million-dollar prize money promised to him in a sweepstakes form letter — the traumas and tiny heartbreaks of Woody’s life emerge, drip by drip, like the condensation on the glass of buttermilk he sips late at night in the kitchen, alone…
…Three years ago, Alexander Payne released The Descendants, his lush, melancholy ode to family ties and America’s most far-reaching polyglot frontier. With Nebraska, he once again delves into family dynamics and self-deception, this time training his keen eye on a part of American culture that, in terms of the popular imagination, has been virtually hiding in plain sight.”

– Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

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