If you have any questions, or film suggestions, please contact:

Jolyn  Welsh Wagner (

Robert MacDonell

Diane Geiger

Co-chairs of the Reel Deal Film Series

12 Comments to “Contact”
  1. jwwmo4 says:

    what???? is the Burton really closing? What can I do to help?

  2. Robert MacDonell says:

    This website is FABULOUS!

    Very user friendly and easy to navigate; and most importantly it has great content so far…..with even more to come.

    Everyone who worked on this deserves the gratitude of all Reel Deal film enthusiasts.
    Thanks Dave, Jolyn, Diane and Kathy.

    Looking forward to a great 2011-2012 season.

    Bob MacDonell

  3. Shelley Galasso Bonanno says:

    I agree–very impressive website! Can’t wait to read upcoming discussions…I will be checking back frequently for updates.
    Shelley Bonanno

  4. Donna Learmont says:

    Love the new site! Excellent job. I look forward to seeing more!!!

  5. Margo Siegel says:

    Hi Everyone,
    The website is outstanding. I look forward to exploring it further. Thanks for all your effort in creating it; much appreciated.

  6. Joanne Cantoni says:

    I like the updated website! Question: Don’t see any mention of the charge for late February’s program, Margin Call. Is it still the same as in the past?


  7. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    Hi and thanks for your comment! Hope you find lots to post about!
    The fees are the same and free if you belong to APT
    Thanks jolyn

  8. Gary Levitt says:

    How do my wife and I sign up/register for the discussion on Beasts of the Southern Wild on March 3? (loved the movie)
    Gary Levitt

  9. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    Great!All you need to do is to come to the Bloomfield Library on March 3 at 1pm. The program is guaranteed to be wonderful. The discussion should be great. Jacalyn Hardin is a cultural anthropologist who will also have lots to say. There will also be a great discussion by a film theorist of some of the compelling clips from the film and, of course, a talk by a child psychoanalyst about Hushpuppy. Hope to see you there ! Jolyn

  10. Brenda says:

    Just linked over to your website from the Royal Oak Movie Group which I am a part of. Plan to see Blue Jasmine. This site and group is a great idea. I am a Psychotherapist and love watching movies from “our” view!

  11. Jolyn Welsh Wagner says:

    Hi Brenda
    Glad that you have found our group. I am also a member of the ROMG and hope that you will join us again. I just posted information about our program on September 22, which will be outstanding!
    What did you think of Blue Jasmine?

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