Recorded on the train during our return from TIFF 2013, this week’s Mindcast session addresses some of our TIFF likes and dislikes, including some films that will be coming soon to a theatre near you. This session of the Mindcast has some background noise to it, due to our recording location. We hope it’s not too distracting. We’re learning as we go, and hope you’ll bear with us and stayed tuned as we hone our audio recording and editing techniques!




Welcome to the first (slightly nervous) session of the Reel Deal Mindcast!

In this session we introduce ourselves, give an overview of what Reel Deal Mind is all about. And look forward to our upcoming trip to TIFF13 (The Toronto International Film Festival, 2013).

We’re new to audio podcasting, and hope you’ll bear with us as we continue to improve our audio technology and technique, with the aim of delivering to you content that is relevant, engaging, and inspiring.

See you again soon for session 2!

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  1. malachy browne says:


  2. I just listened to the second podcast and had wonderful flashbacks of the festival trip! Thanks to Diane for all her editing work

    It was so much fun to revisit some of the films we saw and liked (and hated). I hope others will give it a listen and offer some feedback as we try to improve our “sessions”!
    Can’t wait to do the session highlighting our Reel Deal Mind program “Amour” this Sunday. We have Tom Wartenberg and Matt Sherman discussing Haneke’s masterpiece! Stay tuned!

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